GARP® is the trademark for “Gas Assisted Rod Pump”. This registered trademark, the patented technology, patent pendings, and continuations are wholly owned by Well Lift Inc., a Texas corporation. GARP® has been successfully installed in numerous wells within the Giddings, Permian, Eagleford, and the Barnett Shale, and Oklahoma areas.


Daryl Mazzanti is the inventor of the GARP technology and serves as President of Well Lift Inc and GARP Services, LLC. He graduated with a B.S. degree (With Distinction) from the University of Oklahoma at Norman in December, 1984. After graduation, he began a career with Champlin Petroleum, Union Pacific Resources, and Anadarko Petroleum and had numerous production and reservoir engineering positions in Oklahoma, South and West Texas, Austin Chalk, Central and NE Louisiana, and the Gulf of Mexico. He then served as the Production and Reservoir Engineering Manager for the Austin Chalk and Carthage Fields. His last position at Anadarko was as U.S. Business Development Manager.  He joined Evolution Petroleum as the Vice President of Operations from July 2005 to December 2015. His past work experience as an engineer and engineering manager in the Austin Chalk Field peaked his interest in liquid loading problems encountered by the unique geometry of horizontal wells.